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  • Prof./Dr. Wei Fu
  • Department of Medicinal Chemistry
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  • Prof. Wei Fu got Ph.D. degree from Jilin university in 2001 in computational chemistry. In 2015 she acts as dean assistant. She is in charge of Center of Molecular Modelling & Design. Her research mainly focuses on the drug design and synthesis for the ligands of central nervous system related targets, such as monoaminergic GPCRs, including dopamine, serotonin, opium and CB receptors. She is in charge of multiple national projects, such as NSFC et al. She also taught courses "drug design" and "organic synthesis" et al. She published more than 50 papers in international well-known journals, like Biophys. J., Angew. Chem. En. Int., Mol. Pharm. J. Chem. Info. Modelling, J. Med. Chem. et al. She is currently the editor in an international well-known journal Chem. Biol. & Drug Design


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  • Peng Lian      Yuan Zhao(Joint training with Novartis Pharma AG, graduated)      Qing Shen      Yunguo Gong(Graduated)
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  • Peng Du  Graduated        Qing Shen(Graduated)      Nannan Sun


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